The world is in a state of greater transition than ever before, and this on a permanent basis. And every change also includes a new challenge.

Change is one of the few reliable constants in our daily life.

The NORIC team is build to face these new challenges and to create sustainable solutions for the steel industry in production, consultancy and engineering.

About us

NORIC - An Ancient Name for a New Brand

The Celtic region called NORICUM has been already 500 B.C. THE area for the production of high quality steel! This fact has been well recognized in the Roman Empire and specifically the swords forged there have been considered superior!

Today the historical NORICUM region is covering areas within the center of Europe in the countries of Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland!

Honoring these historical undisputed pioneers in iron and steel making, accepting our historical responsibility to be leaders in this industrial sector as well as being proud of our roots – we consider our brand NORIC as a clear commitment to a philosophy driven by quality, sustainability and excellency.

Noric Management

Minds of Steel

01.Management Team
02.Thomas Narholz
03.Pascal Stenger
04.Bernard Villemin
05.Uwe Wilhelm
06.Riccardo Pasinato
07.Gerald Arbogast
Management Team Minds of Steel

Setting up a strong team, we are picky about our peers. This sentiment applies to our executives as well. The NORIC management team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. We underline this strong culture day by day and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.

Thomas Narholz Group CEO

Mr. Narholz is holding a university degree in metallurgical engineering and has 22 years of corporate top management, consultancy, complete plant building, engineering and operational experience with a specific focus on electric steelmaking, long product casting and rolling.
His positions held were

  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and Member of the Managing Board of DANIELI Group
  • Executive Vice President DANIELI Centro Met with global responsibility for the electric steelmaking and long product casting division of DANIELI Group
  • Managing Director of DANIELI Swiss GmbH (in parallel to the listed positions in DANIELI group)
  • Managing Director and Partner VWN Steel Solutions GmbH/Switzerland
  • Senior Vice President Sales Siemens VAI Metals Germany (former VAI FUCHUS, today PRIMETALS Germany)
  • Product Manager Mini Mill VOEST Alpine Industrieanlagenbau GmbH / Austria as
    well as
  • Project Manager Complete Plant VOEST Alpine Industrieanlagenbau GmbH

An important focus of the professional work has been given to the Management of Multicultural teams and state-of-the-art business processes as well as the establishment of Mini Mill concepts worldwide.

Pascal Stenger Group VP Services & Maintenance

Mr. Stenger’s career combines in a unique way the operational experiences in steel plant maintenance as well as a solid background in plant building and equipment design. More than 30 years of experience, divided in 21 years in the steel plant of Badische Stahlwerke in Germany and 10 years of experience in metallurgical Plant Building working for two of the leading companies in this field.

BADISCHE Stahlwerke:

  • Project Leader for continuous improvements of efficiently from maintenance activities and related reduction of breakdown times (meltshops and rolling mills).
  • Director Training of the complete steel plant and rebar rolling mill maintenance groups
  • Head of Maintenance for shutdown planning and execution of major shutdowns.
  • Project Manager in commissioning/start-up of steel plant & rolling mill equipment


  • Vice President Site Activities for commissioning and service tasks.
  • Project Leader in Execution of studies in steel plants for several requirements


Bernard Villemin Group CTA

Mr. Villemin’s is holding an university degree in Electrical Engineering and is covering management positions over the past 40 years, with a specific focus in steel production and operation costs improvement, include

  • CEO Danieli Corporation in Pittsburgh/USA
  • Managing Director of Danieli Swiss GmbH (in parallel to the listed positions in Danieli group)
  • Managing Director and Partner VWN Steel Solutions GmbH/Switzerland
  • Senior Vice President Technique Siemens VAI Metals Germany (former VAI FUCHS)
  • CEO and Technical Director FUCHS Inc., United States of America
  • General Manager and Steel Plant Manager of the Steel Plant and Rolling Mill at SAM Montereau/France (today member of RIVA Group).

His tasks covered successful and cost driven operation of a steel plant, design know-how for meltshop equipment and management of multimillion dollar projects.

Uwe Wilhelm Group VP Engineering

Mr. Wilhelm is holding a German university degree (Dipl. Ing.) in mechanical engineering and has an experience of more than 30 Years in metallurgical plant building including the design and operation of EAF, LF, De-Dusting System, Continuous Casting and Rolling Mills. His main career steps during these 3 decades cover

  • VP Danieli Service at DANIELI Group
  • Executive Manager Engineering Electric Steel Making at DANIELI Group
  • Director Engineering VWN Steel Solutions
  • Director Engineering Siemens VAI Metals Technologies (today Primetals)
  • Director Technical Sales VAI FUCHS
  • Director Engineering FUCHS USA & Mexico
Riccardo Pasinato Group VP Process Engineering

Mr. Pasinato has multiple years of experience in various fields and with different positions in the steel industry, with more than 12 years in the steelmaking and rolling mills. He dedication as process engineer (university degree), commissioning manager and generally working on site made him a well-recognized expert at many steelmaking companies worldwide. His hands-on knowledge he also transferred in the development of models for process simulation in primary and secondary metallurgy, feasibility studies, etc. Summarizing his main professional activities leads to a the following comprehensive list of activities:

  • Director Process Engineering / Commissioning of steel plants DANIELI Centro Met
  • Head of After Sales Department BRETON
  • Lead Process Engineer SIEMENS VAI
Gerald Arbogast Group VP Electric & Automation

Mr. Arbogast is holding a university degree (FH) in electrical engineering and serves since more than 20 years the metallurgical Plant Building, with a significant experience for EAF, LF, Continuous Casting and long product rolling mills. This includes the design of systems including HV/MV/LV power distribution and SVC systems and mechatronical / robotic systems for the steel industry, but also has been extended to execution activities acting a project manager till the successful completion of projects.

  • Key Account Manager at DANIELI Group
  • Executive Manager Electric & Automation Electric Steel Making at DANIELI Group
  • Director Cost & Proposal Siemens VAI Metals Technologies (today Primetals)
  • Project Director VAI FUCHS
  • Executive Manager Electric Automation VAI FUCHS Technika

NORIC Consultancy and Engineering Offices


Office 2901, Indigo Icon,
Cluster F, Jumairah Lakes Towers
Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

T +971 4 454 2421

NORIC Swiss GmbH

Olsbergerstrasse 2,
CH-4310 Rheinfelden,

T +41 61 836 831 0

TEC GmbH – A Member of NORIC Group

Wittekindstrasse 25,
44536 Lünen,

T +49 231 88 08 05 -0

NORIC Pakistan LLC

3rd Floor , 22 East , Saeed Plaza ,
Jinnah Avenue Blue Area,
Islamabad – Pakistan

T +92-51-2270708


01.Plant View
02.Plant video
03.Scrap Yard
04.Induction Furnace
05.Ladle Furnace & OBS
Plant View

NORIC STEEL UAE (AGSI) is a new 400.000 t/a billet producing plant, which has been successfully started up mid of 2016; the plant has been planned, engineered and executed by NORIC UAE on Turn-Key Basis, with the main equipment supplied by DANIELI & C and Inductotherm.

Plant video

Join us on a short way thought our process flow!

Scrap Yard

The scrap yard is equipped with a modern shredder (DANIELI Lynx) and a shear (DANIELI Henschel) to ensure the preparation of the scrap received! From the yard the scrap is charged to the Induction Furnaces via vibrating feeders.

Induction Furnace

3 x 30 ton Induction Furnace with 2 crucible each (supplied by INDUCTOTHERM).

Ladle Furnace & OBS

The secondary metallurgy is managed by a 30 ton Ladle Furnace combined with a 30 to Oxygen Blowing Stand to ensure the correct chemical composition before casting.


The DANIELI three stand caster with 7m radius is designed to cast billets from 100×100 m up to 160×160 mm with a length of 12 m. The machine is engineered for 4 strand already and therefore is ready for a future extension of the capacity.

NORIC Steel Egypt - TIBA Steel

01.Plant View
02.Plant video
03.Scrap Yard
05.Ladle Furnace
Plant View

NORIC STEEL EGYPT (TIBA Steel) is a new 500.000 t/a billet producing plant, which is under erection and final completion; start-up is expected by 2018; the plant has been decided already in 2010, but had been stopped due to the political situation in Egypt, the main equipment supplied by CVS from Turkey.

Plant video

The video is providing an impression of the actual status on the plant implementation. Operation to be started soon.

Scrap Yard

The scrap is transferred via scrap buckets positioned on scrap transfer cars which are moved via a rail system into the meltshop bay; from there the scrap is charged to the EAF by moving the bucket with an overhead crane in charging position on top of the open EAF shell.


The 60 ton EAF is designed for Tap to Tap Times of clearly below one hours and will have the latest technology of injection tools and electrode control system.

Ladle Furnace

The ladle furnace installed will function as a buffer for liquid steel between the EAF and the CCM and primarily will be the tool for metallurgical fine tuning of the steel composition.


The 4 strand caster will be capable to cast billets from 100x100m up to 160x160mm at high  quality level. The originally installed machine will be upgrade with modern features to ensure maximum availability and reliability of the machine. A turn over cooling bed is ensuring the correct cooling curve and the straightness of the billets produced.

NORIC Steel Pakistan

01.Induction Furnaces
02.Ladle Furnaces
04.Reheating Furnace
05.Rolling Mill
Induction Furnaces

The plant also considers 2 x 50 ton Induction Furnaces for lowest conversion costs. NORIC Engineering has developed a new revolutionary layout concept for a high productivity meltshop based on Induction Furnaces.

Ladle Furnaces

A 50 ton Twin Ladle Furnace will provide the necessary flexibility of the process to react to all stages of the process and to ensure high sequences rates on the continuous casting machine. Also at process step NORIC engineering has created a new level of ergonomic for such kind of plant arrangement.


Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology for casting in terms of mold design and oscillator technology, the 2 Strand CCM for Billets will be comfortably in position to achieve the yearly capacity of 400.000 ton high quality billets to be rolled at a maximum hot charging mode to the rolling mill.

Reheating Furnace

Being a frontrunner in the logistical consideration of mini mills, NORIC engineering has designed an advanced concept of connection between the CCM and the reheating furnace to achieve a maximum hot charging rate of billets to the reheating furnace, naturally resulting in lower gas consumption and higher hourly throughput of the furnace.

Rolling Mill

The rolling mill will produce rebars from 8 to 40 mm with a cut to length concept, representing a concept to minimize short bar and consequently to have the best yield from
billets to final product to be achieved in the area today.

Noric Group

A Comprehensive Portfolio for Smart Steel Makers

The NORIC consultancy and project management portfolio covers the full range needed for a successful project implementation, a sustainable improvement process, a solid engineering development and all kind of technical & commercial project management functions .

The NORIC Team is action oriented in creating sustainable values to day-to-day issues in steel plants. Our focus is on real cost improvements, environmental sustainability, workplace safety and social value creation – We put “right” over “best”.

Even being outsider to your operational team, we provide proven insider know-how by seeing the bigger picture due to our multifunctional team approach. Our experts are proud to be pioneering advisors with high integrity, helping the modern heroes of the steel industry to success!

NORIC’s Engineering Group located in Germany, is serving the steel industry with 20 highly qualified engineers and draftsmen.
Using most modern software tools, the group is capable to execute basic and detail engineering including electric steel making equipment (EAF, LF, VD/VOD & RH), overall layout engineering of complete plants in 3D and 2D including civil & steel structure design as well as piping & cabling.

The NORIC supply portfolio is specialized on all kind of Material Handling Systems and small Nano Electric Arc Furnaces as well as Ladle Furnaces up to 25 ton for foundries and Nano Meltshops! These size of furnaces needs a very specific and tailor-made supply for optimized OPEX costs and minimized CAPEX.

02.Equipment Supplies

The following software tools are in use:

  • 3D-CAD: HiCad incl. Piping Inventor
  • Statical Calculations:
    Dlubal FEM Dlubal RSTAB Frilo Software Vcmaster
    AVEVA / BoCad
    Advance Steel
    Tekla Steel
    Solid Edge
    Creo / formals Pro E
    Nemetschek / Allplan Architecture
Equipment Supplies

NORIC group is in position to supply high performance material handling systems for the steel industry in particular and bulk handling projects in general. NORIC Engineering can provide purely Basic and Detail Engineering as well as the full supply of equipment.
On the electric steel making side, the supply range is concentrated on specially designed Electric Arc Furnaces and Ladle Furnace up to a tap weight of 25 ton. The reference list of the NORIC team included more that 150 EAFs and LFs, which the team has engineered in its role working for the leading equipment supply companies.


NORIC expertise is covering the full range of consulting services:

  • Technical Project Development
  • Market Studies
  • Bankable Feasibility Studies
  • Project Engineering Review and Services
  • Project Management
  • Process Optimization Studies
  • Manufacturing Control
  • Project Commissioning & Operational Assistance Services
Noric References

Selected examples of Client Satisfaction

NORIC References – Consulting

01.Abul Khair Group (AKG)
02.South Steel Company (SOLB)
03.ESISCO No.1 and 2 (Beshay Steel)
04.Baku Steel Company
05.SABIC – Hadeed (KSA)
Abul Khair Group (AKG)

Complete Project Evaluation, Management and Engineering Review for a new 800.000 t/a Meltshop (2007) – today the biggest EAF plant in Bangladesh.

South Steel Company (SOLB)

Complete Project Management during Project implementation and Engineering Review for a new Mini Mill (2008 – 2009)

ESISCO No.1 and 2 (Beshay Steel)

Engineering Review new meltshops, layout logistics and liaison office (2007 – 2009)

Baku Steel Company

Lead commercial and technical feasibility advisor for Baku Steel Company for $1.5 billion flat steel complex in Azerbaijan in 2016 and also for 2017.

SABIC – Hadeed (KSA)

Complete engineering review for the complete new long product minimill on Turn Key basis

These references in terms of consultancy are selected one out of the list of more than 50 successfully completed projects. For a full list please contact our head office.

NORIC References – Engineering

01.Blast Furnaces
02.Steel Plants
03.DR Plants
04.Power Plants
05.Aluminium Plants
Blast Furnaces

16 Major Engineering Projects in the field Blast Furnace.

Steel Plants

34 Major Engineering Projects in the field of EAF & BOF Steel Plants.

DR Plants

6 Engineering Projects in the field of DRI Plants.

Power Plants

32 Engineering Projects in the field of Power Plants.

Aluminium Plants

2 Engineering Projects in the field of Aluminium Plants.

References in terms of Engineering are not only related to steel industry. Due to the history of our engineering arm, project have been executed in the fields steel industry (blast furnaces, Electric Steel Making and DR plants), power and aluminum plants. For a full list please contact our head office.

NORIC References – Equipment Supplies

01.Dragon Steel/Taiwan
02.Maghreb Steel/Morocco
04.Beshay Group/Egypt
05.POSCO/South Korea
09.PCC SAF/Island
11.Big River Steel/USA
Dragon Steel/Taiwan

Material Handling System BE/DE & Supply for RH/LF

Maghreb Steel/Morocco

Material Handling System BE/DE & Supply for EAF/LF


Material Handling System BE/DE for EAF/LF

Beshay Group/Egypt

Material Handling System BE/DE for EAF/LF/VD

POSCO/South Korea

Material Handling System BE/DE & Supply


Material Handling System BE/DE for Twin VOD Plant


Material Handling System BE/DE & Supply for Bulk Material Handling


Material Handling System BE/DE & Supply for Secondary Metallurgy Complex

PCC SAF/Island

Material Handling System BE/DE for Submerged Arc Furnace


Material Handling System BE/DE for Secondary Metallurgy Complex

Big River Steel/USA

Material Handling System BE/DE for EAF. LF and VD


Material Handling System BE/DE for EAF and LF

Via its group companies TEC GmbH & RCE GmbH, NORIC Group is the undisputed leader in the supply of high quality and efficient material handling systems for various kind of applications in steel industry and bulk handling projects.
The above listed references are a selection of key projects out of over 50 major projects implemented.

Social responsibility and environmental sustainability - we care

NORICARE - society wise

Every business is to a huge extent human related. Being an engineering driven corporation we know very well the value of employees and the human factor in general. NORICARE actively supports external and international projects. We are sponsoring scholarships in the countries of investment and award outstanding performances of our employees, partners and clients.

NORICARE - ecology wise

Our NORIC Steel Plants are strategically located in emerging markets. Beside our believe in the future economical growth of these locations, we are designing our plants at highest ecological standards.

The technological approach when investing is focused to reduce emissions and to set new level of environmental sustainability in the area of our investments.

Economical success is only possible when taking care to the ecological fundamentals of an investment as well.

Thinking about the ecological and social challenges of tomorrow, makes us more successful today.

Thomas Narholz, CEO NORIC

“Acting responsibly with regard to the environment and natural resources is part of our corporate culture. We are committed to sustainable action toward the environment and future generations.”


“The NORICARE Scholarship Program is an achievement-based scholarship to be awarded to graduating high school seniors. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities.”


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